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"This is the gospel of Rolfing.  When the body
gets working appropriately, the force of gravity
can flow through.  Then,  spontaneously, the
body heals itself."
-Ida P. Rolf PhD.

What is Rolfing®?

Jim Tucker CERTIFIED in Greenville, RI practices a form of bodywork that allows the body to structurally rebalance itself. It can effectively relieve chronic pain and fatigue that some people suffer with daily.

Gravity is a powerful force shaping our bodies. Just as a building can lose its structural integrity and begin to collapse, so can our bodies. What results is a body struggling to retain its integrity. It is inflexible, inefficient, and often suffering from chronic pain. Ida Rolf, the developer of Rolfing®, says such a body as is at war with gravity.

This procedure releases the body's segments—legs, torso, and arms—from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, and it permits gravity to re-align them. By doing so, it balances the body, thereby improving flexibility and reducing chronic pain. Body misalignment in gravity results in chronic strain and pain, lowered vitality and energy, and impaired biological and psychological functioning.

After the procedure, the body is better balanced and expends less of its available energy against gravity. The person enjoys a feeling of fitness and wholeness. Movement becomes easier and overall functioning tends to improve. People who have been through this procedure stand and move with more surety and grace then before.

Neck Readjustment