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"After suffering horrible pain for over two years Jim Tuckers' rolfing techniques game me back my life.

I was diagnosed with De Quirvaines Disease, which is very similar to carpel tunnel only it affects the thumbs and tendons connecting to the forearms. As carpel tunnel this is also a repetitive stress injury obtained by years of computer overuse, which I acquired after 1 years in the graphic arts profession, or according to doctors a bad workstation set up.

I had been through four different specialists with treatments ranging from cortisone shots, pain and nerve medications, extensive (painful) physical therapy to full arm and hand immobilization splints. None of this treatment worked, the pain always returned.

Desperately I decided to try Rolfing. After the first visit I had immediate relief, I could actually grip the steering wheel to drive home. A few days later the pain returned but Mr. Tucker told me to be patient. The more visits the longer I went without pain.

Rolfing enabled me to work full time while commuting 2 hours a day, before Rolfing I could barely drive at all. I am so glad I took the chance and tried Rolfing and would recommend it to anyone suffering in pain, what have you go to lose?"

— Michelle A. Gallant

"Only one session of Rolfing was enough to convince me of its value and effectiveness.

Many sessions of Physical therapy could not alleviate the tightness in my ITBand, and the pain and discomfort in my hamstrings. Being an avid runner, this was a very frustrating situation. I was desperate to try anything to solve the problem and get running again.

Through good fortune I attended a seminar by Jim and decided to give Rolfing a try. Jim practically guaranteed he could help me and have me running again. After one Rolfing treatment, I was amazed and relieved. I didn't think it was possible, but I was able to run again smoothly, comfortably and pain free.

I felt like a new man and was so impressed with the success of Rolfing, I couldn't wait to continue on with the "10 series", a decision I have been completely happy with."

— Mike Goodson, Physical Education Teacher and Coach

"I have severe fibromyalgia. Anyone with Fibro knows the excruciating pain sufferers endure with this debilitating syndrome.

I started going to JJim in the spring of 2005. At that time I could not stand erect. I could not climb a flight of stairs. If I had to go up a flight of stairs I had to get on all fours and pull myself up each stair. The humiliation of an extremely active athletic individual being reduced to climbing like a baby, not being able to stand up properly, not being able to walk across the room without having to hold onto think and having to stop because of the pain.

I met with im who stated he would try to help me, and help me he did! It has been a long and tedious process well worth the fight. I can now stand straight. I can stand in front of the stove and make some of the nice meals that I used t cook. I can go shopping for most things and navigate part of the store as where before I could not even walk from the car to the door, never mind the store. I can climb a flight of stairs, maybe not much ore than one, but, I can walk, not pull myself up, a flight. I do not have to totally rely on my cane or crutches anymore, just occasionally when I have a bad attack which is becoming more infrequent.

My own experience is that at the start Jim had to be extremely gentl, due to the fibromyalgia. It took five sessions before I noticed any difference. It was small, but there. I continued for the balance of the 10 sessions I continued going every two to four weeks, and am still continuing to work with Jim on this insidious usurper of quality of life.

I cannot thank Jim and his expertise in Rolfing enough for giving me a quality of life that I can once again life with."

— Kathleen Wikstrom

"After receiving years of chiropractic therapy for neck and back discomfort, I was introduced to Rolfing.

I received one session a week for ten weeks. I noticed changes after the first treatment, and by the end of the ten week session the results were remarkable. I no longer had pain or stiffness and my posture had greatly improved. It is truly one of the best things I've done for myself. Thank you, Jim!"

— Maureen Temblay, R.N.

"After a leg injury, my recovery was not satisfactory; my stride was shortened I limed, I was stooped.

I tried physical therapy I tried a sports gym program, but with no progress. Then, three cheers, I found Mr. Tucker. He identified the source of my problems, this had eluded every one else, and got me moving again. I stand tall, I walk, I smile. Thank you."